Internet Advancement Training Resources?

Is there available, any training or presentations on Internet Advancement 2.0? I’m looking specifically for the most up-to-date, how-to, usage, and features for the current version of IA 2.0.

Are you looking for areas of IA2 in particular? The most recommended approach would be to use Scoutbook and use IA as Scoutbook links to it. This would be the most interactive and “mainstream”. Thus any training would be directed towards Scoutbook and cover IA as needed.

I realize that Scoutbook and IA 2.0 are complementary applications. I also realize that some features, previously in Scoutbook, are now in IA 2.0 I also realize that over time (in the future) all features of Scoutbook will migrate to be in IA 2.0

What I’m looking for is to see if there is any documentation of the status of IA 2.0 as it exists, right now. I have been asked to offer leader training on the use of IA 2.0 and it would be helpful to not have to recreate “the wheel”

I’ve searched the Advancement resources on, but the former IA 1.0 power point has been removed, because IA 1.0 was removed years back. And it’s been a few years, yet no training or docs are available for IA 2.0

I would think that someone in Scouting has developed something they would be willing to share.

Many units do not prefer Scoutbook, and documentation on how to upload advancement data records from Troopmaster, or Troopwebhost, etc, would be helpful.

I’d start with

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Thank you! This will definitely help.
Some of this information is already dated (from 2019), and some URLs are different, but just what I was looking for. Thank you.

If you are able to point out some of the incorrect info in the help files, that’d help all of the users.