What is the URL (or Web Address) to even BEGIN to access Internet Advancement?

I’ve looked through the Knowledge Base, but it fails to address this most basic of questions.
I don’t know what my official title is, but I’m the Troop Calendar Chair – and it is I who have been putting all events & details into our Scoutbook Calendar & sending out reminders for our troop for many years.

Please help me get started with Internet Advancement, as it is apparent that Scoutbook will no longer be available for this use, quite soon.

Thank you.

Paula Hansen
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advancements.scouting.org is the URL you are looking for

User guide updated and is here:

You asked where to access IA -

Log into Scoutbook

click on the house


The fifth line is the forums, where we are posting. The line above is IA.

Or log in at my.scouting. On the home page, click on “BSA Web Links” and then “Internet Advancement 2.0”:

You may have been accessing it the whole time, depending on your work beyond purely the calendar.

All, or nearly all, reports are in IA.

Nights camped, service hours, and miles hikes are in IA.

Editing your profile, or others, is in IA.

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