Is Scoutbook Open Source?

Is Scoutbook Open Source? I’d love to dig through some code if so… I took a look at GitHub and didn’t immediately see it.

If Scoutbook isn’t Open Source, why not?



… because the BSA said so? Seriously, the question has been raised (together with offers to provide volunteer support everywhere from basic coding to architecture), and the BSA has directed the folks with SUAC to say BSA is not interested.

That’s wild. As an organization who depends on volunteer support for the vast majority of it’s positions, one would think crowd-sourcing development would be a true force multiplier.

Who are the POCs for Scoutbook? Is there a more private means to touch base with them?


The SUAC (Scoutbook User Advisory Council) folks are the volunteer-facing side of things (and volunteers themselves). They might be able to connect you to Scoutbook officialdom, but I’d be surprised if they haven’t already been told they can’t. (Was that enough negatives in the same clause?)

Haha! How do you become part of the SUAC?

As an aside… a Slack Channel would be great too.

SUAC is invite-only to my knowledge. I suspect it’s kinda like Vigil Honor in OA: you probably can’t get there by trying, but being visibly helpful and clueful in Scoutbook/IA forums might generate an invite.

I suspect that there are back-channels (Slack? Teams? Who knows…) among the SUAC members and between SUAC and the development team, but that’s speculation on my part.

Is there any info on the SUAC at all? For example, members, meetings notes, etc? It looks like they used to publish some stuff here:

There’s a maybe-current-ish list here: About - Scouting Forums.

I’m not aware of any published meeting notes or anything like that.

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