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Is there an open source for looking at Scoutbook code?

I’m a developer and I’m just curious to learn why things work or don’t work the way they do.

Scoutbook is not open source. The BSA does not make the code available to those not on the development team.

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Is there a Scoutbook sandbox? I’m trying to see what the experience looks like from the perspective of a parent, of a den leader, of different roles, so that I can set up a clear flowchart of how people get from Point A to Point B.

http://stg2.scoutbook.com is a sandbox with various logins in a pop up


Ohhhh, this is very helpful.
Is there a doc that explains what each of these logins mean?

titles are self explanatory

I disagree. Titles such as cccrew, ppparentship, cortroop are not self-explanatory.

committee chair of a crew
parent in a ship
charter organization rep of troop

it is BSA jargon

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Thank you. I’m a parent and a den leader In Cub Scouts for the past three years, but I have never heard of “Parent in a ship.”

If it’s jargon, it’s not self-explanatory

None of the parent accounts work.
“That user is no longer active. Please choose another.”

It is the developer tool box so some items may be down due to updates and testing. I have seen things go up and down in it.

And all the logins start with pp_ so it is actually pp_parentship


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Thanks, @RonFedele, so maybe just try again later?

If you’re taking votes, it would be great if we could open source ScoutBook. I’m sure there are many software developers in scouting who would be happy to contribute (I, for one, would be happy to help fix some of the bugs I’ve hit… some are still open a year later or more later).


Good morning!

I’m checking the sandbox again and the parent accounts still give the same error “That user is no longer active. Please choose another.”

Is there any sort of idea when those might become available? A matter of days, weeks, months?

I’ll second the notion of open sourcing the Scoutbook code base. I am also a developer (UX/UI) and would love the opportunity to not only help improve the codebase but also to help test new features (beta or otherwise).

I did checkout the staging site and am experiencing the same issue Christian mentioned above.

EDIT: I was able to gain access to the staging site, though not all areas worked. This is to be expected in a testing environment so no issues there.


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