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Is the email option in Scoutbook down again?

I tried to email my Pack and the email was never sent. I know as I always receive a copy.

Mike - based on the test email I sent but didn’t receive you may be right

Odd. Mine just went out and was received by at least two test recipients.

Looks my test went through. Must have been a bottleneck somewhere in the pathway.

I updated two events yesterday around 3:30, with both set to email “now”. It’s about 15h later and I still haven’t seen either email.

I just did a test event with a send now reminder and I received the remind within seconds of posting the event. There are several moving pieces with email and reminders so it is difficult to state conclusively that it is a scoutbook only problem.

I was waiting to retry, so as to avoid sending multiple emails like the last time an email outage was fixed.

I went back into the event and saw that the “now” wasn’t crossed out with a timestamp. I saved it again and the email was delivered (to me, at least).

Nicholas - certainly understand. What I do in these test scenarios is to create an event with myself and our unit email(admin-leader) and set up the reminders and likewise with general email, it is myself and that same generic user.

BSA IT reported an issue with mail yesterday that has since been cleared up. It may have prevented your meeting notice to be sent.

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