Emails didn't send

I spent over an hour typing a long email to the pack last night, hit send, but still haven’t seen it come through. Anyone else having issues? Any way to recover what I typed? I didn’t save it anywhere else, unfortunately (lesson learned).

BSA IT is aware of messages not going out and is investigating.

Scoutbook does not save messages. At this time we do not know if messages sent during this outage will eventually be sent or have been lost.

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Thanks for the info! Can a warning message be posted in Scoutbook so that people know this issue is occurring before they try to send messages?

@NicholasBloom - good idea, but based on almost 30 years of end user support… chances are it will not be read

I also had the same issue. Also reminders aren’t going out. An alert would have been nice (and @Stephen_Hornak it would have been read).

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I suspect BSA IT wasn’t aware of the issue until the first reports came in here on the forums this morning. That’s typically how tech support first realizes something is broken in my experience.

Seems like messages are starting to flow again - I received a test message I sent about 90 minutes ago

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My messages from earlier this morning, have now also been delivered. THANKS!

Yes! The email I sent last night just went through. Glad I don’t have to recreate it. Thanks!

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Yes, I received my message from last night as well as two reminders from this morning. Thanks!

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