Is there a way to attach a PDF to a calendar event?

Does anyone know of an easy way to add a PDF or word document to a calendar event?

Scoutbook does not support attachments for calendar events. To do so would require enterprise cloud storage which is expensive when you do not own the data center.

We recommend using a free cloud service such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. to store the file then paste a link to the file in your calendar notes.

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Thanks for your response, I can put a file on google drive, however the link was not clickable. Is there a way around this?

The link will not be clickable in Scoutbook but many calendar and e-mail systems will convert the URL to a clickable link so your members may see a link if they have subscribed the Scoutbook calendar to another calendar such as Google Calendar or iCal and in any reminder e-mails they receive.