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Feature Request for Scoutbook to add attachments in Calendar Event

It would be nice to have a feature on the calendar event to add and attachments or photos. Just like in the advancements.

This has been requested previously but will probably never happen. Cloud storage is very expensive, especially when using a 3rd party as the BSA does. We recommend using a free cloud storage system such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, etc. then linking to the file in the calendar description.


We do this for our unit and it works really well.

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Our unit uses Troopmaster (web2.0) which allows for both links in the events calendar and adding electronic documents to an event.

I don’t understand your point. They aren’t asking for a suggestion on unit management software, they asking for this feature to be added to Scoutbook. Scoutbook supports both links and links to particular documents like Ed suggests. Promoting an alternative commercial software package seems to be besides the point.

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