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Issue with attaching videos to scoutbook


I am struggling to add videos to scout book (to provide proof a requirement is done)
The video I am trying to add is a .mp4 (typical cellphone format), 20 sec, 53mb, I added some text to the notes, it seems to upload fine and shows attaching your files…And then the error message
“We could not upload your file. Please try again or choose a different file.”

Anyone with some fantastic idea ?

Scoutbook doesn’t accept video files that I know of.

However, you can upload it to something like Google Drive or another file server, then post a link to the comments section. For added security, you could set the link up to only be accessible to the email address associated with the counselor or scoutmaster who will be reviewing the work.

The window when you attach a file is titled: Attach a Photo or Video

I’ve never successfully uploaded a video (I tried a couple of times a long while ago), so I just assumed that was a “planned feature” that was never implemented.

Maybe someone from SUAC can comment on whether it’s expected to accept video?

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