Feature Request: allow PNG and PDF attachments to completed requirements

Currently, the “Attach a Photo or Video” function allows the following options:

Photo must be a JPG image and videos must be (.MOV .MEPG4 .AVI .WMV .FLV .3GPP .WEBM .MTS)

I would like the option to directly attach PNG images and PDF files.

Sometimes the best evidence of a requirement is a screenshot, and the default native screenshot format on some OSes is PNG. I realize that PNG can be larger than JPEG for the same image, but in other cases it might actually be smaller. And someone accessing Scoutbook from a computer can load the image into a paint program, redact/crop/annotate as desired, and save as JPEG; but someone working only on a mobile device might not have that option, it’s additional steps in any case, and in some cases that reduces the “evidence” value.

Likewise with PDF. The default output format of some mutifunction printer/scanners is PDF, and in other cases BSA-affiliated processes (like BlackPUG reports of requirements completed at camp, or “electronic blue cards” produced from a fillable PDF) produce a best evidence that is in PDF format. One workaround is that some paint-programs support PDF import, then save to JPEG. Another workaround is to open in a PDF viewer, take a screenshot, then convert the screenshot to JPEG as discussed above. However, depending on the document/image, that can result in serious loss of quality/readabilty, or increased file size, or even both. The concerns about extra steps in any case, not being able to use the additional tools on a mobile device, and “evidence value” apply in any case.

This is in the backlog but we have no idea if or when the BSA will schedule it for work.

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