January 19, 2023 - Internet Advancement and Recharter Change Log

Bug Fixes

Fixed the following issues:

  • Youth and parents do not have access to hiking, camping, and service logs
  • Adjust patches on Cub Scout (patches were displayed incorrectly on recharter confirmation pages)
  • Typo in Recharter validation modal (Shouldn’t have an “s” on “youths" in recharter validation)
  • (Recharter) During Recharter, change UI for required fields (first/last name) when paying at council
  • (Recharter) Existing members of other units must add a paper application to register in a new unit
  • (Recharter) Personal Information Improperly Shared (charters) (this is for when registrars resend recharter package. Registrar information is being displayed)
  • (Recharter) Multiple Existing Registered Adult as Tiger or Lion Adult Partner (removes ability to register Tiger and Lion partners through recharter. should come with a youth application to establish relationship with proper youth)


  • (Rank Requirements) Display Completed Date Not “Approved” or “Awarded” Add Legend to Advancements
  • (User Profile) Remove Order of the Arrow Member ID from profile - you may have to do a hard refresh to see the change.
  • (AdvancementRequirements) [Advancement Requirements - Edit completion date] must be a number" error message is displayed when saving modified completion date for adventure advancements (User unable to modify completion of an adventure advancement)
  • Add parents to list of potential individuals to edit in quick entry (Swimming and Health) (Noted SUAC feedback to consolidate and make an easier user experience. Placed in backlog under SBL-3961)