March 2, 2023 - Internet Advancement and Internet Recharter Change Log

Bug Fixes

Fixed the following bugs:

  • Roster Page - History Tab - Edit completion date] “must be a number” error message is displayed when saving modified completion date for adventure advancements
  • Roster list on roster tab is not loaded when switching to another unit via role picker - council admin
  • Rank Advancement Requirements Page - Unapprove/Edit Completion Date] Unable to perform edit completion date and unapprove advancement
  • Recharter: Upload file Issues (Restricts recharter processor from accidentally uploading the same document for multiple people)
  • Recharter - Provide different icons for IH/Executive Officer not needing YPT
  • Unable to remove the last person on an activity.


  • Added an area for user to include some bio information on their profile (still importing bios in SB that meet the character count of the new field)
  • Make it more obvious that parent profiles are accessible and editable (For admins)
  • Remove Scouting profile button and consolidate into Profile Button (with the toggle it is unnecessary to have a "Profile and Scouting Profile on the left side for Youth)