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January 30, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Payment Log
    • An issue that prevented the entry of values below $1 has been fixed. Users will once again be able to enter values below $1.
  • Print Blue Cards
    • The Print Blue Card feature will now limit the number of Merit Badges returned in a search to 200. This change was needed to prevent Scoutbook from timing out when printing Blue Cards. Use the Start and End date fields to reduce the size of the search results if necessary.
  • Sea Scout Quartermaster Rank
    • Sea Scout Quartermaster Rank requirement 3d has been updated to correct an error in wording.

New Features

  • Calendar Reminders
    • Calendar reminder e-mails will now include the name of the calendar (unit or den/patrol) that generated the reminder. This will help users that receive reminders from multiple calendars to know the source of the reminder.
  • Council Admin Search
    • When adding a Council Admin, the search function now allows an existing Council Admin to search by name, e-mail address or BSA Member ID.
  • Remove Membership
    • The Remove this Membership button has been removed from Adult Leader positions and Scout Membership positions. When an adult’s leadership position ends or a Scout leaves a unit, enter an end date. Removing the entry caused issues with other BSA tools that relied on the entries being present. Scout Leadership positions can still be removed as these are not tracked by the BSA in any database other than Scoutbook.
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