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How to remove a membership entry that is an error

With today’s update (specifics below), how do I remove a membership entry that is not real? Does this mean all clerical entries, either intentional or in error, must be kept?

Our recurring issue will be using an inactive den for scouts that drop during the year. Families sometimes choose not to return in the fall, so I move the scouts to an inactive Webelos den, effective on the date I find out they are not returning. I also disapprove this membership so they are not invited to events, nor included on emails. This allows for follow up and final close out of any issues. Then in January I remove their Webelos inactive den membership, and their record shows they ended membership in the fall.

January 30, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

New Features

  • Remove Membership
    The Remove this Membership button has been removed from Adult Leader positions and Scout Membership positions. When an adult’s leadership position ends or a Scout leaves a unit, enter an end date. Removing the entry caused issues with other BSA tools that relied on the entries being present. Scout Leadership positions can still be removed as these are not tracked by the BSA in any database other than Scoutbook.

If a membership is entered in error, set the end date to match the start date. The record will reflect 0 days.

This will work, but it will clutter the actual record with an extra entry.

Technically, they are members until the end of the charter year (December 31 in most cases). There is no harm in keeping their membership in the inactive den.

I would probably also add a note in the membership entry indicating that it was an erroneous entry, so that folks who look at it down the line don’t wonder “When was this scout a member of Troop ### in Bunkie, LA? He’s never been south of Cleveland?”

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