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Journey to Excellence Auto Populate

I did a search and this wasn’t as explicit as it could be.

It would be great to have an auto-populated JTE export or a JTE report builder option. In fact, there is very very little in JTE that couldn’t come from Scoutbook.

Most of the data is in Scoutbook already.
-Committee Meeting Dates
-PLC Dates
-Outdoor activity / camping dates
-ASMs and Committee Members
-Training completion
-who advanced
-who was in the unit and who stayed, who aged out, who transferred, etc
-service hours

It could be more of a “wizard” where it brings up the data and you either confirm or edit the data as mined by the wizard. Boom! Done. It could then ask you a few questions about the items that aren’t in Scoubook and it would be complete.


@Matt.Johnson - i would take that a step further and have the whole recharter process done via wizard that would submit the recharter AND the JTE along with necessary fees.


Why not! What I have been trying to do is to make sure we don’t limit our vision of the future based on the systems we have today. But, that is a great way of doing it! You could have it where units that use Scoutbook get the data from Scoutbook, but others enter it manually. Why not!

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@Matt.Johnson - exactly… take advantage of the dynamic data that scoutbook is rather than the static data (for the most part) that is the recharter module. To be able to take care of a necessary process in one location. I do think though that the process will move that way or at least I trust so.


+1 from me. Anything we can do to automate reports is a win!


There is a glitch in some of the comments. If an end date is put in for a scout because the scout dropped out the advancement records no longer are in your unit’s system. Aged out would not be a known via Scoutbook but it is still in Scoutnet. Webelos arrow of light would not be in the cub pack once the records are transferred to the troop in Scoutbook. I have found most unit put an end date for the scout because the unit wants to eliminate the parents complaint they don’t want the emails when a scout is put in an inactive status den or patrol. Recommend Scoutbook automatically put scouts in an inactive patrol and turn off emails to the parents and scouts. Easier to click all rather than remembering who is no longer active for email.

Paul - you may want to make a separate post for this as it isn’t related to JTE.

@Matt.Johnson I think Paul is referring to parts of JTE that are related to membership retention and advancement.

This is the part that I thought Paul was recommending outside of JTE.

Jennifer interpreted my comments correctly.

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