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Simple Simple JTE Report

I know that auto JTE reporting must be on the future plans. This would be super great.

A great intermediate report would be for the current year, or a year chosen by the user:
-show all meeting dates listed as committee meetings
-show all meeting dates listed as PLCs
-show all meeting dates listed as campouts

This would allow Scoutbook to tip toe into a JTE report. This alone would help units compile the data. This report should be pretty straight forward to create.

Or go ahead and put this report in IA2 to help with the transition. :grin:

ETA: seriously, I love this idea, I just wonder if resources are available.

You can actually get that from the attendance report (in addition to who actually attended).

Nice! It would be nicer to have a JTE report that has just the info for all of that in one report especially since all units need to do JTE. This would be of big help, I assume, to commissioners. Attendance isn’t required for JTE entries.

There are some bugs…

  • Patrol “All” was chosen, shows the value of “0”
  • Event type of “campout” was chosen, shows the value of “0”
  • The date formatting needs some help


I’ll pass that feedback along

The JTE website has a report that will calculate your totals for you. What I do is print off the report where you fill in the information, write down when an activity was completed (campouts, Committee meetings, service projects, etc.). Then I go to the saved original document and enter the information and then when we reach a goal it gives me out current total. If you need to see what you need to reach a goal such as how many advancements or new scouts you will need, you can enter that information and then delete it. It also helps to keep track during the year. Hope this helps.

Scoutbook is an advancement tools and it not used by all units.

Advancement is only one of the objectives on JTE scorecards and not all Scouting programs include advancement programs. The are also differences in what is collected, recorded and reported.

There are unit guidebooks and spreadsheet tools for most programs at the JTE web site.

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I am asking to have some reports made to make this process more automatic. Right now, this has to be pulled up by hand.

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What I am looking to do is have Scoutbook output the input for that report.

Thanks for reporting the bugs. I have passed them along to the developers.

I’ve also passed your new report suggestion along. I’m not sure where it will fall in the priorities, though.

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