June 27, 2024 Scoutbook Plus Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Child Advancement Approval
    • An issue that prevented leaders from approving advancement for their own children has been fixed. Leaders that can approve advancement will be able to approve advancement for their children.
  • Den Admin Edit Adventures
    • An issue that prevented Den Admins from editing adventures of Scouts in their den has been fixed.
  • Mobile Profile View
    • An issue that caused School information to be displayed incorrectly on mobile devices has been fixed.
  • Pack Admin Bulk Entry
    • An issue that prevented Pack Admins from using Bulk Entry has been fixed.
  • Rank Not Started Error
    • To fix the Rank Not Started error, users will now be asked to start the rank if not already started.
  • Sub-Unit Access
    • An issue that allowed sub-unit leaders to access advancement for Scouts outside of their sub-unit has been fixed. Sub-unit leaders that do not hold a higher level position in the unit will only be able to edit advancement for Scout’s in their assigned sub-unit (den, patrol).
  • Unit Quick Entry
    • An issue that caused Unit Quick Entry to show incorrect status of unit members has been fixed.

New Features

  • None
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