June 15, 2021 My Scouting Change Log

Transfers: Now you can transfer between units and even between Council using the My.Scouting tools and Online Registration. The parent relationship requirement for a transfer has been fixed so units can make transfers now too.
Profile Improvements: Did you know you can add your photo to your online profile in My.Scouting?
Personal Scouting Unit Advancement Details Report: Found in Roster for unit leaders, once a person is select (youth or adult), you can print out a detail of all the registration, training, and advancement records for that person. Note: this is a one person at a time report.

If this is between Councils they hid it very well - it does not reside at my applications that I can see

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Can’t tell you, I don’t currently have permissions. Did you open an incident?

We have tests running

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