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June 2, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Scout Leadership
    • A Scout Leadership position with a future start date will no longer display the position patch on the Scout’s profile.
    • A Scout Leadership position that with a future end date that is marked as default will remain the default until the position has ended.

New Features

  • Merit Badges
    • The process for Merit Badges has changed slightly in Scoutbook. Merit Badge Requirements that are Counselor Approved will no longer require Leader Approval. This is analogous to the way Merit Badges work with physical Blue Cards. The Leader Approved check box will still appear on completed Merit Badge requirements that are not marked Counselor Approved to allow for cases where the Merit Badge Counselor does not use Scoutbook. Once a Merit Badge requirement is marked Counselor Approved, the Leader Approved check box will be hidden and the requirement will not appear on the Needs Approval Report. Existing Merit Badge requirements that have been Counselor Approved but waiting for Leader Approval will be automatically approved at a later date. The overall Merit Badge completion still requires Leader Approval because the Guide to Advancement requires the Scout to meet with the Unit Leader to discuss the Merit Badge experience after completion.
    • Merit Badge Counselors will now be able to Counselor Approve Merit Badges after they have been Leader Approved. This simplifies the processes of marking a previously completed/approved Merit Badge Counselor Approved if the Merit Badge Counselor starts using Scoutbook.
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