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June 9, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Connection Manager
    • An issue that caused Connection Manager to place View Advancement permission on all connections where the adult is not registered when only selecting View Profile has been fixed. Units that do not want View Advancement on these connections will need to go back to Connection Manager to remove View Advancement.

New Features

  • Leader Invitation
    • When registered adult leaders without Scoutbook account are invited to join the roster of a unit for which they are not registered, a Scoutbook account will be automatically created.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Approval
    • All Merit Badge Requirements that were previously Counselor Approved but not Leader Approved have been marked Leader Approved. This brings these older Merit Badge requirements in line with the current operation of Scoutbook.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Search
    • Search by name has been added to the Merit Badge Counselor Search. This will allow unit leaders to determine if a specific individual is a Merit Badge Counselor. There is an issue that will be fixed in a future release. The zip code specified is not necessarily the zip code used for the search. We recommend selecting a large distance to work around this issue.
    • Search by Council/District has been added to the Merit Badge Counselor Search. To search by Council/District, clear the Zip Code field from the Merit Badge Counselor Search screen. Results will be returned alphabetically by name. The search is restricted to the Council and District of the unit performing the search. This search is primarily designed for Councils outside of the United States where zip codes are not used. An option to include those Merit Badge Counselors outside of the unit’s council that have set their Listing Preference to Worldwide is provided. If this option is not selected, only Merit Badge Counselors registered in the unit’s council will be returned.
    • Council Admins in multiple councils will now be able to select which council to search on the MB Counselor Search screen when accessed from their dashboard.