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April 28, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Award Approvals
    • Some parents that were not leaders in a unit with their Scout were able to approve some awards and advancement. Except for the COVID exception for some Cub Scout awards, parents must have an adult leader position in the unit to approve awards. This issue has been fixed.
  • Blue Cards
    • An issue that prevented a Counselor Approved requirement and date form printing on a Blue Card for an incomplete Merit Badge has been fixed. Any requirement that is Counselor Approved and/or Leader Approve will print on the Blue Card for an incomplete Merit Badge. Blue Cards for completed Merit Badges do not display any requirements completed.
  • Directory Search
    • The search feature in the Council Directory was removed from Scoutbook by mistake. It has been restored.
  • Lion and Tiger Adult Partners
    • Lion and Tiger Adult Partners have been restored to the Pack leader roster. Their connections are restricted to View Profile and View Advancement except for their own child, unless registered in another position in the BSA.
  • Merit Badge Counselors & Unit Participants
    • An issue that prevented a Merit Badge Counselor from updating a Merit Badge for a Unit Participant (>= 18 year old) has been fixed.
  • Scout Position of Responsibility Patch
    • The Scout’s Position of Responsibility patch has been returned to the Scout’s profile page. The patch from the Scout’s default leadership position will once again be displayed.

New Features

  • Calendar Editor
    • The Calendar Editor leadership role for youth has been updated to restrict the permission to specific unit calendars. The list of calendars is on the Calendar Editor position page.