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June 24, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Bird Study Merit Badge
    • An issue that prevented Bird Study Merit Badge requirement 10 from auto-completing has been fixed
    • The order of requirements 10 a and b was incorrect in Quick Entry. This has been fixed.
  • Default Unit
    • An issue that caused the Default Unit for some multi-registered Scouts to be changed after editing a Merit Badge has been fixed.
  • Report Builder
    • Several issues with formatting of the Report Builder csv file have been fixed. These include incomplete requirement descriptions, extra new lines and requirement descriptions expanded through multiple cells.

New Features

  • Northern Star Council District Reorganization
    • Scoutbook has been updated for Northern Star Council’s Units First District Reorganization.
      • The drop down menus contain the new Districts E through P, El Sol, Exploring, Huron, Juvenile Diversion, Polaris, Silver Maple, and Zulu.
      • All Merit Badge Counselors have had their Listing Preferences set to Council unless it was already set to Worldwide or Not Listed.
      • The district for all users has been cleared if not already set to one of the above districts.
  • Reports
    • Activity Log Report
      • Now includes adults.
      • An option to restrict activities to those after the program joined dates as listed in the Scout’s profile.
    • Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report
      • Now reports on adults based on their camping log data.
      • Options to generate a csv or PDF has been added.
    • Roster Builder
      • An option to report the Scout’s grade in school as recorded in the Scout’s profile has been added.
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