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May 21, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar URL
    • An issue that caused an error when saving a calendar entry when there were any spaces in the Map URL field has been fixed. Spaces will automatically be removed from the Map URL field before saving.
  • Cub Scouts & Scouts BSA History Reports
    • An issue affecting access to the Cub Scouts & Scouts BSA History Reports from the Reports Menu on My Dashboard has been fixed. Unit Admins and Committee Secretaries now have access.
  • International Spirit Award
    • The patch image for the International Spirit Award will be displayed on the Scout’s page when earned.
  • Payment Log Quick Entry
    • An issue that caused the Payment Log Quick Entry option to be removed has been fixed. Payment Log Quick Entry will once again be displayed for Unit Admins and Unit Treasurers.
  • Parent Youth Protection Training
    • An issue that prevented Youth Protection Training for parents from being sent to Scoutbook has been fixed. This fix allows the the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox Show Adult YPT Status report to show correct Parent YPT status. See Feature Assistant - What is it? for details on the Feature Assistant Extension.
  • Print Blue Card
    • An issue that allowed adults to see the names of Scouts they are not connected to on the Print Blue Card screen has been fixed. Users will only see Scouts with whom they have a connection.
  • Scout Membership
    • An issue that returned the user to the dashboard when ending a youth membership in a unit has been fixed. The user will now remain on the Scout’s membership page.

New Features

  • Merit Badge Quick Complete
    • When the Merit Badge Quick Complete function is used by a Merit Badge Counselor connected to the Scout, the completed requirements will be marked Counselor Approved. To activate Merit Badge Quick Complete, click in the white background of a Merit Badge page. A date field will appear at the bottom of the window. Set the desired date then click on the requirement complete boxes to set the requirement complete.
  • Scout Leadership Positions
    • When a Scout’s membership in a unit is ended, all leadership positions in the unit will also be ended. If moving Scouts to a new Patrol, we recommend using the Reassign Scout button on the Den or Patrol roster page. Using the Reassign Scout function will only end Patrol leadership positions, not unit leadership positions.
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