Leadership position record on Eagle Application

When I reassigned patrols I selected the wrong patrol but couldn’t delete the entry. So I just reassigned the patrol again so it shows the scout as 0 days in the wrong Patrol. I now think this has caused an error in creating leadership positions on the scout’s Eagle Application. When I look at the leadership positions during his Life Rank it shows an “Optional Note” that says “Membership Ended by Duane Becker BSA#133657676.” I think this note was added automatically when I reassign him to the wrong Patrol for 0 days. And this is why the leadership position didn’t get loaded on his Eagle Application. Is there a way to correct this? Is it necessary to corect it? Can I simply manually type the correct leadership positions and dates in the Eagle Application pdf file. The attached word doc has screenshots and more ecplaination of my problem. Our Council Advancement guy suggested I post on this Forum.
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The Eagle Application can be manually updated.

You can also edit the leadership start and end date after the fact.

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