Scout leadership experience disappeared after "disapproving" the former patrol

HI All. Maybe I’m looking at this in the wrong way, but we have a scout who was a patrol leader in the last 12 months. Last week, the Troop set up new patrols, and so I reassigned the scouts to the new patrols and “disapproved” the old patrols in Scoutbook. When I look at the one scout’s leadership records in SB, it doesn’t show any days of leadership accumulated toward his next rank. I would have sworn that, in the past, his old patrol would still show up there in his records and his days as being the PL would be shown. However, there’s no mention of his old patrol in his leadership record page. So, for kicks, I tried to select “Patrol Leader” in the drop down list, but of course I only have the new patrols to choose from.

I’m wondering if “disapproving” the old patrols actually erased the leadership records of those scouts who were the leaders of the old patrols.

Thanks for your help!

Post the scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

It’s happening on several of the scouts’ records, but not all of the scouts’ records. For example, on the “Leadership Positions” page for one scout, it lists all of his “past positions” including days served, in addition to his current position which he just started a couple of weeks ago. And all of those days served show up in the bar chart at the top of the page where it shows “positions of responsibility for ranks”.

However, for Scout ID #133952803, the “leadership positions” page does NOT show his past position of being a Patrol Leader last year. It only shows the new patrol leader position that I set up for him a couple of weeks ago. His days of leadership last year are NOT showing up on the bar graph at the top of the page. His patrol last year was “disapproved” this morning. I don’t know if this issue existed before I disapproved the patrol earlier today. But the page SHOULD be showing his past leadership positions and those days SHOULD be applied to his “positions of responsibility for ranks” graph.

@BarrettSteele kind of wondering if the positions were approved?

@BarrettSteele I looked at the test server that is about 6 weeks old data and that scout had no positions entered 6 weeks ago

That’s strange. Someone else must have removed the position. In theory, I should be able to add a past leadership position back, right? When I go to his leadership positions page, I can see his affiliation with last year’s patrol when I click on “select a membership”. He was the PL for that patrol. So I click on that membership for last year’s patrol, and then I try to select “patrol leader” from the “Position” pull down. When I do that, however, I can’t choose last year’s patrol from the “Patrol” list. It’s not listed there. Is that because I “disapproved” it earlier today? How should I go about putting his past leadership back into the system? Or does it still exist somewhere else?

Also, I just checked the older scouts’ leadership records in Internet Advancement, and none of them are there. All “Past Positions” are blank, except for one or two that I updated very recently.

I believe you will only be able to select from a current patrol. The name of the patrol he was leader of really doesn’t matter, just that he held the position.

I can say from experience that, even if the “legacy” patrol positions had been preserved, it does not preserve the legacy patrol name if the patrol is deleted or renamed. I know having the name become persistent was an ask quite some time ago (possibly even pre-BSA purchase of Scoutbook), but I suspect it is unlikely to be worked as a priority item, certainly not until after all of the major functionality issues are “resolved”.

The legacy patrol names are still supposed to show up on the Scout’s Leadership page and on the History reports.

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Hrm… Ours don’t show that way (unless we preserved the old patrols with the same name). Maybe that was “fixed” after we last transitioned patrol names. Our scouts seem to like changing patrol names every 6-12 months. It drives me nuts, but it’s not my patrol, so that’s not really a consideration. :^)

Once a Position ends the patrol name on the leadership becomes static

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Okay, so then I’m going to have to add back in everyone’s past leadership records. I don’t know why they all disappeared.

At first, I couldn’t figure out how to do it, because the system would tell me “he already holds that position”. I discovered that I had to re-create the old patrol’s names in the system. I then had to assign him as a member of that patrol. Then I could go back to the scout’s leadership page, and assign him as the former patrol leader for that patrol (using dates that were in the past, of course). Then the system would show that period of time in his Past Positions. (I confirmed this in IA2) Then I could reassign that scout back to his new patrol, and then disapprove the old patrol. The end result is that the past leadership position in the old patrol’s name is now showing up in his record. What a pain in the ass!

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