Lion Noted As Working on Bobcat

I have a Lion that is showing “Bobcat Badge” progress in their profile instead of “Lion Award” like their peers. Their Lion progress cannot be easily referenced in the den’s roster.

  • IA shows them as having “Started” Bobcat with no associated requirements.
  • They were immediately put in our Lion den and have no other listed membership outside of the den.
  • I am a Pack Admin.
  • SB User ID: 13220513
  • BSA Member ID: 140356048

Is this in Internet Advancement or

Frankly, I see evidence of the problem in both but Scoutbook is where it is an annoyance.

have you tried a private window - kind of sounds like a cache issue

Great thought but I see no difference. It’s as if Bobcat has been noted or triggered as starting.

Scoutbook from a private window.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 8.46.17 AM

IA from the same private window for the Scout in question

IA from the same private window for a Scout looking as expected. (I was surprised to see Bobcat noted as “Started” here as well. But you can see all the loops below indicating they working on their Lion award.

I wonder if someone opened the rank for the scout?

It’s possible. I see no indication of open/started that I can control. I also don’t even know how I would get a Scout into this state if I wanted to since Bobcat is a default.

I also looked at the date they joined the den and they were not the last one to join; others had been sitting unassigned longer than them.

Is there a way to manually set what award/rank a Scout is working towards?

Playing around on test server - I think before they were in a den someone opened the bobcat rank so it started - I just did not know ranks did that - merit badges do but they are programmed rather different

How is that done without checking off a requirement?

I think it is just opening the rank once not sure - I see a few lions that show the same thing

@TylerNeu - when did these scouts join? If prior to June then they would be in a tiger den now

They all joined in the last 60 days.

@TylerNeu - so in june/july then… were they always in the lion den?

What does it show if you look at their membership tab in scoutbook. Any former den memberships

They were immediately put in our Lion den and have no other listed membership outside of the den.

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 11.19.46 AM

@TylerNeu - I have a newly joined cub not in a den, and I clicked on his advancement then bobcat and that is what is now showing as working toward. I should have taken a screen shot of the before but I do not recall seeing bobcat there… It s fine as he is 8

Mine is doing the same thing. Two of my scouts say Lion, but the other three say Youth Member. They all just joined this past month. I don’t know how to change them from working toward their Lion for the three since those three say they’re working on their Bobcat.

@TabithaFornah I still have no resolution and have began to accept I’ll have to live with this bug/deficiency.

@TylerNeu, I was able to fix mine!! I talked to my committee chair, and she said that you need to reassign them to the Tiger den and then reassign them again back to the Lion den! It worked for me, and I now have all my Lions with the tag Lion Cub instead of Youth Member! I really hope this helps you as well!!!

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@TabithaFornah Thanks for the reply! I logged on to follow your steps but the Scout is now showing Lion progress. :upside_down_face:

Isn’t that what is expected? The Cub Scout is in a Lion den and is working towards the Lion rank?