Scout Stuck in Bobcat Rank (Scoutbook Plus)

Hi, I have a scout in my pack who recently transfered in and had completed Bobcat as a lion. After the migration to Scoutbook plus my Scout finished his lion, which we marked as complete but is still assigned the rank of Bobcat (not lion). I now ranked him up to tiger (by moving his den to a tiger den) but I cannot mark any tiger adventures off for just this one scout, because Scoutbook says he is not in the appropriate den. There seems to be no way to get a scout out of Bobcat rank from the Legacy ranks. Please help!

@DavidPartyka try switching the rank version back and forth

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil , It lists his current Rank as “Bobcat” (not lion like his peers) but there isnt anyway to go into a Bobcat Rank and change the version back and forth. If i do that within the Tiger Rank (between 2022 and 2024) unfortunately it doesnt do anything. The error I see in Tiger rank is “Youth is not eligible to earn this advancement and must registered in the appropriate den level for this rank, Please click here to return to the roster and assign to the appropriate den” But there is no such thing as a Bobcat den. Think I need someone with super admin powers to change his rank from Bobcat to Lion.

@DavidPartyka perhaps a screenshare to see what is happening - do you have a moment?

@DavidPartyka - i do not think he should have earned bobcat as a lion so that may be in play.

Yes, his previous Pack did Bobcat as lions in Old Scoutbook earlier in the year and then he transfered in to our Pack recently. Normally we do Bobcat ranks as Tigers.

@DonovanMcNeil Here are the screenshots.

This is what he shows as (Bobcat Rank) with Lion Complete.

And I can’t mark anything off in Tiger as it says he is in the wrong Den for his Rank (Bobcat)

And I cant mark save anything as complete in Tiger.

@DavidPartyka : just an FYI:

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@DavidPartyka - does changing the version to 2024 do anything?

@DavidPartyka as I said I imagine a screenshare can get to the issue fast and most likely solve it

Is the scout in a tiger den? What is their member number?

Do they still have a membership in a lion den on their old pack?

Hi @jacobfetzer , yes he is in a Tiger Den. His Member number is 140914908. I can’t see the old pack as its in an out of state council.

@DavidPartyka - to see the membership go to the scout record in then scroll down to membership click on that line. There should only be one current entry and that should be your unit. If there is a second current entry then that may be the other unit or a non-den membership that could state youth member. That second entry can be end dated.

They still have a current membership in a Lion den in their former pack. Go to their membership page, click the current membership in the former pack, and add an end date to the former membership.

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Bingo that was exactly it! I end dated the old den and now I can see a completed Bobcat Rank and can mark things done in Tiger! Thank you very much!

@jacobfetzer @Stephen_Hornak Thank you two very much! That was the issue. I end dated him and now I can see a completed Bobcat rank and can mark things done in Tiger rank. :star_struck:


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