Some Scouts in my Den not showing new advancement options

Hello, my Lions have become Tigers this September, but for some reason only the new members of our Den are showing the Tiger Advancement options. The scouts who were Lions are only showing Lion Advancements, how do I enable Tiger for them?

Check to make sure they aren’t still listed as members of a Lion den, too. Depending on how you “moved” them to Tigers in the system, it might not have ended the old memberships.

If you post a few BSA ID numbers for affected scouts (no names please!), the SUAC folks may be able to assist with diagnosis.

Are you talking about in quick entry or looking at their individual advancement pages?

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Hello, sorry this is a duplicate post as my old one timed out.
I have a tiger den in scoutbook. My new scouts are all working properly and I am able to enter their tiger and bobcat advancement. My old lions that graduated up are showing as IN the tiger den but when I go to advancement it is still showing lion options. For now I am entering advancement via quick entry but how do I get them to show properly?

BSA ID Numbers:

@JordanPeck - what does the membership listing in scoutbook show for these scouts… I am guessing two current active listings.

For some reason, the memberships in Scoutbook did not get updated when the Den advanced to Tiger.

To fix, I ended the Scout memberships in Scoutbook and initiated a sync to bring the membership back in. When that happens, you will see them on the roster, but not assigned to a Den. Then, go to the Den and use the Reassign Scout button to bring them back into the Den.

You might need a Pack Admin to move them back into the den. I am not sure how well it works when a Den Admin tries to reassign Scouts.

Thanks team! I am unable to move them back in, but since one of the boys is my Son I can see he is at least showing up with the right advancement options. I will work with our admin to move them over. Thanks so much for your help!