Local Scoutbook Training

We would like to do a live demo of Scoutbook at our district Roundtable, and possibly at our council’s University of Scouting. Is there a training or dummy account that can be made available for the purpose?

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Despite repeated requests, the BSA has not provided a training environment for Scoutbook.

Good morning, on this same line. Is there a Power Point or similar slide deck put together for training purposes? I have a number of people that would like to see a training on how to use Scoutbook. I defiantly do not want to work with my live data to create my own slide deck, or recreate the wheel.

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We had some powerpoints let me find them


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Presentation Resources for Scoutbook and Internet Advancement - Scoutbook Knowledge Base - here are the presentations that have been made - somewhat out-dated at this point

Thanks for pointing me to the presentation! I’m going to take a pass at updating and will contribute back here. I’ll invite others to do the same - if anyone is interested in crowdsourcing an updated set of presentations for intro and advanced Scoutbook, please post here and let me know.

My Timeline: I need to have my deck done by early March 2020 for our council’s University of Scouting.

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Linked below the 2 Google Presentations for Intro and Advanced Scoutbook presented in March '21 at my council’s virtual University of Scouting.

Please feel free to reuse / offer suggestions for correction/improvement (or pointers to official training slides).


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Thanks! I added them to the resources page.

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