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I know it’s come up a few times, but I’ll toss it out there again since I haven’t seen any final determination on this. It would be nice to have a training/demo sandbox unit(s) where we could use for training on Scoutbook. I may be tasked with offering a Scoutbook training class at our next district day of training, but I don’t really want to start from scratch making a Powerpoint or use our live Troop and Pack information.

I understand that it would need to be kept in check somehow, so maybe it would be by request? Possibly we could request a training unit to be created for Date1-Date2 and then it’s deleted/reset?

Maybe a separate environment entirely that just doesn’t talk to national DB that we can just create our own accounts in and maybe once a year it is all reset?



We have requested one be established - we do not know when it will be released

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That was basically what I had been seeing, so I thought I would try asking again. :slight_smile:

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