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Lost connection with scouts

I appeared to have lost all my admin connections to the scouts in our pack. I can no longer access their individual profiles, enter awards, or run advancement reports. This is a huge problem! Our pack leader is unable to find the solution. Please help!!!

@KatieHoll - I do not believe you are registered with the BSA - at least 2045011 is not a registered leader number. I search the entire National Database for Holl and your DOB and only this account came up. You need to talk to Unit/Council and get an application turned in and complete YPT training.

Nope, not the problem I have a BSA number, 13007562. It looks like there was a update on 4/21 and it took me off my position and my admin rights. It added an end date for both my advancement and admin rights of 4/21/21. I was able to delete the end date for advancement chair, but it won’t let me deletethe 4/21 end date for admin…Screenshot_20210425-080423_Chrome|225x500

@KatieHoll yes I see that # - BUT it has no Adult Registrations so Scoutbook will not let you be a leader - you have to register as a leader with your council

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So how do I register as a leader? I’m not really a leader though…I just get the awards our of courtesy to the pack. I’ve been in this position for 3 years now and never had to register before. Why did this change take place? Why weren’t we notified that this was going to be happening?

Info on this was in Scoutbook at least 2 months before the change. Unit Advancement Chair is a Committee Position - so you need to fill out a BSA Adult Leader application

Perhaps in the future an email in addition to posting on Scoutbook would of been more sufficient as not everyone regularly checks Scoutbook. This has happened to more than just myself within our pack and it is rather inconvenient. I appreciate your help, I will fill out a BSA adult leader application. Thank you.

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@KatieHoll - and along with that you will need the Youth Protection training and the Pack Committee training offered at my.scouting.org.

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While an email would have been nice, it is surprising the number of people who have been unregistered, but acting like a registered volunteer. For adults performing committee positions, without a registration, it should come as no surprise when the account is disconnected. It really seems this was a great move by the BSA to clean up a registration loophole. The email you mention, though, would have likely only gone out to those who are volunteers, registered volunteers. Thus many that were affected would not have received it.

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It was announced through our roundtable in advance. It might also have been in the newsletter. I think different councils/districts may have handled notification about this differently (or possibly not at all).

Honestly, I saw the notification in Scoutbook back in February (I think) and circulated notice to our unit Key 3 to be sure everyone was squared-away before the (original) March deadline. At a certain point, units need to take responsibility for ensuring our own houses are in order. That’s one reason I strongly recommend everyone (or at least one leader in each unit) subscribe to the Scoutbook change logs and the BSA Announcements forums so that units get notice of changes (or major announcements) in a timely fashion.

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Had it been bought to my attention 3 years ago that I had to register then I would have. No one ever mentioned it to me. The advancement chair position at the time was presented to me as more of a volunteer goodness of you heart type roll which I am more than happy to do so our kids can get the awards they worked so hard for. No one in our pack knew that any of this was happening. So yes, an email would have been nice as those that are registered, especially our pack leader, would of gotten the notification and we could have prevented this whole thing. I think what gets lost is the fact that numerous parents help out in many different areas without being official. It would of been nice to been told from the start that I needed to register.

Little Harsh @Stephen_Hornak - Scoutbook does make UAC an hour a week role - but it is still a registered position that needs an application

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@DonovanMcNeil - duly noted and removed… but yes… I think even Unit Scouter Reserve could work so long as paperwork is presented for the items that need it.

I think that’s a fair criticism of how the program is implemented by many units. I personally think that the biggest take-away for all of us as unit volunteers is that, as existing leaders, we need to be clearer with the volunteers we’re asking to help the unit out what we’re asking them to do and what they need to do in order to do that task. In many cases (bringing snacks to a meeting, picking up supplies, etc), that might not be a registered adult volunteer task. However, if there is a name for that job, and/or it interacts directly with either the youth or their personal information, odds are that there is a BSA registered position associated with that task and we should make it clear to our fellow volunteers that they need to be registered to do that. We should also all be familiar enough with the barriers to abuse and G2SS that we know when adults need to be registered in order to participate (e.g. >72 hours consecutive or non-consecutive at a given event) at all.

I know many units have been less consistent with adult registrations in the interest of avoiding what is sometimes seen as unnecessary expense. At the same time, the background checks and vetting process that’s involved in registering an adult leader provides an increased barrier against someone who might not be known (to the existing leaders) to be a risk getting access to the scouts. Getting that screening process completed has value. It’s not, taken alone, a panacea for risk of bad actors getting access to youth or to information, but it is an important step.

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