Removing Adults from Scoutbook on April 12th

Can someone give us some actual information with maybe some details on what the adults with a ! Triangle have to do? The links were pretty useless.


It depends on the situation. Basically they need to be registered with the BSA. If they think they are registered in the unit and their name on the unit roster in Scoutbook has a triangle on it, they probably are not registered correctly, and they should have their unit committee chair check the unit roster in my.scouting. If they are not on it, contact the council Registrar.

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Expanding on what William Nelson said -

BSA has decided that adults in a leadership role in Scoutbook should have taken YPT and have passed the BSA background check. This seems to be a sensible precaution as they have access to scouts and the personal identification information (PII) of folks in the unit.

This policy change is being implemented in two steps. As of March 15, any new leader, any position, to a unit in Scoutbook must have a current registration with BSA. It does not need to be with the unit in question - any registration works that has YPT and Background check requirements. Lion and Tiger adult partners are the only registrations that I know of that do not qualify.

As of April 12, any adult leader not registered somehow with the BSA will have their leader position in Scoutbook ended. For some, this is straight forward, as they are not officially registered. They need to get registered by completing YPT and turning in an application.

For others, things are more complicated. They are registered, but their registration is not be linked to their Scoutbook record. The two software systems are intertwined here.

  1. My.Scouting - The adult may have more than one account. Work with your council registrar to resolve in-council duplicates. Use the My.Scouting tool Manage Member ID to associate MID’s from different councils together (and duplicate in-council ID’s that can’t be deleted). If there are multiple out-of-council duplicates, you may need to work with the other council’s registrar.
  2. Scoutbook - Again, the adult may have more than one account. AFTER resolving the My.Scouting duplicates, then post in the forums for Scoutbook User Advisory Committee (SUAC) help in merging Scoutbook duplicates. You need to know which MID to have on the final account.

How to find duplicate accounts

My.Scouting -

  1. Ask the person if they have been registered in more than one council. If yes, then they have more than one account.
  2. Ask your council registrar to check your council records. (They have no visibility into other council’s records.)
  3. Use the BSA tool Training Validation to search by email for duplicate accounts. Access = My.Scouting Menu > BSA Web Links > Training Validation. Click advanced search, choose all training, and enter email. If it matches an account it will say either no training associated or display the training. If more than one account, it will say so with no specifics on any account. (At some point, this tool will sunset. Use it while you can.)

Scoutbook -

  1. Scoutbook requires a unique email for each adult account. When Scoutbook started sync’ing with My.Scouting, accounts with duplicate emails became a thing. If an account has an email address displayed of “change your email,” or similar, you know there are at least two accounts with the same email.
  2. To check for multiple accounts using the same email, use the adult search feature in Scoutbook. Go to your scout, their connections, add new connection. Enter email address and click search. When done, cancel out of the screen.

Anyone know another way to find duplicate accounts?


William - I am the Troopmaster and no unit roster appears in Who in my troop will have a unit roster appear in their account?

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how do you delete duplicate accounts? I have parent, who is also an assist scoutmaster with 3 accounts. I sat with him last night to try to figure out a way to delete the duplicate accounts thinking that will resolve his “!” and neither him or I had the authority to delete the duplicates.


Scoutmasters should. Send me an email and I will look into your case. Give me your member ID as shown when in your icon in my.scouting and the username you use to login to with Send it to

I work with both Cub Scouts and Scouting BSA groups. I get the idea of WHY non registered adults are being removed and I really don’t have an objection. I believe the parent connection is sufficient for Lion Adult Partners and Tiger Adult Partners.

I take major issue with the organization of the Cub Scout Direct Contact Adult Positions (that’s something I just made up. It’s as opposed to the Committee or the Chartered Organization.) in Scoutbook; especially Den Leader, Assistant Den Leaders, and Lion or Tiger Adult Partners. The Scoutbook application needs to develop and implement a consistent approach and the April 12 change seems like a great time to do that. Here’s what I mean.

Under an adult’s positions, selecting Den Leader allows a Pack to assign a Lion (K), Wolf (2nd grade), or Bear (3rd) adult as those den’s Den Leader. Correspondingly, there is a Tiger Den Leader (1st) or a Webelos Den Leader (4th & 5th) position. Scoutbook Leadership looks a mess as a result 1 year as Den Leader (for Lions), 1 year as Tiger Den Leader, 2 years as Den Leader again (for Wolfs and Bears), 2 years as Webelos Den Leader.

Likewise, selecting Assistant Den Leader allows a Pack to assign a Lion, Wolf or Bear Assistant Den Leader, and again there is a Webelos Assistant Den Leader position, but there is presently no way to assign a Tiger Assistant Den Leader.

There are also presently Lion Adult Partners and Tiger Adult Partners. If I’m understanding the transition correctly, because the 2 Adult Partner roles aren’t registered positions only an adult partner who also holds a registered (maybe committee) position will remain as adult partners. That’s going to look super weird to the adult partners that don’t hold a position.

I would really love for Scoutbook to be consistent. I suggest, stop complicating the positions that involve cub scout contact. (maybe only with the exception of Webelos).
My proposal:
The Den Leader Role would be used for ALL DENS (or alternately, all dens until Webelos)
The Assistant Den Leader Role would have identical corrosponding positions. Either Assistant Den Leader is for all dens, or all dens until Webelos. Make it the same as how Den Leaders are organized.
Finally, Remove the Lion and Tiger Adult Partner Roles all together.

Brian Little
3 Fires Council

Hi Bill - I just emailed you. Thank you for offering to help me!

@BrianLittle that is not Scoutbook - those are the official registrations - Scoutbook is following national on that.


@DonovanMcNeil Is it true that National doesn’t have a Tiger Assistant Den Leader, but they do have both a Lion and Wolf Assistant Den Leader?

Because that doesn’t make any sense at all. Who can I bring that to their attention?

@BrianLittle There is currently no registered position for Lion or Tiger Assistant Den Leader. My understanding is because Lion and Tiger Dens have a shared leadership model with the Adult Partners.

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Is there any potential impact to a potentially dual registered adult? For example, we have an adult who is primary registered with a Troop and submitted an application to secondary with a Ship during the last recharter cycle. Our Council has a backlog of applications to process so one of our leaders manually added the person to the Ship in Scoutbook even though they don’t show on that unit’s my.scouting roster. Will they be removed from the Ship’s Scoutbook roster with this update if their application hasn’t been processed to reflect them on our my.scouting roster? Or is ‘registered’ being defined as only being registered in at least one unit?

@SteveBratton as long as the Scouters MID in Scoutbook matches a currently registered position MID - it will be fine

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Thanks for the quick reply, @DonovanMcNeil. So the keyword is a meaning the MID matches A currently registered position (only troop) and not EVERY position they are listed for in Scoutbook (troop and ship).

MID (member ID=BSA#) needs to be in AN registered position - it could be nearly any position and be fine, as long as it has current YPT and a Criminal background check attached to it.

@JenniferOlinger Yes, I understand the Shared leadership model with the adult partners; however, that’s not how Scoutbook functions and @DonovanMcNeil said Scoutbook mirrors Nationals format.

Since I CAN register someone as a Assistant Den Leader for my Lion Den, but cannot for a Tiger Den scoutbook must need adjusting. Am I missing something?

Where / how are you registering them as an Assistant Den Leader?

There is not, as far as I can tell, a Lion ADL in the 2019 BSA Registration Guidebook. There is a Lion Leader (LL), a Tiger Leader (TL), a Den Leader (DL), a Webelos Leader (WL), an Assistant Den Leader (DA), and Assistant Webelos Den Leader (WA). If Scoutbook is offering a Lion ADL (or permitting the association of an ADL with a Lion Den), then it seems like that’s the bug (unless there’s another reference that indicates there are Lion ADLs).


I think there is a bug in Scoutbook. I have been able to reproduce it via the Pack Roster page.


Yes @CharleyHamilton and @JenniferOlinger the ability to add an Assistant Den Leader for the Lion den is exactly what I’m talking about. And going back to my initial discussion with @DonovanMcNeil There isn’t a Lion Leader (LL) Position in Scoutbook it’s simply the Den Leader Position (DL) that I hold (I’m our pack’s Lion Den Leader). There is however a Tiger Leader (TL) Position in Scoutbook.

That’s what I’m trying to communicate. Scoutbook’s leader positions are inconsistent.

Thanks for finding that Jennifer :smiley: