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I’m trying to update the connections between the pack admins and every entry is locked. One of our admins is the advancement coordinator and has no access. She used to and now she doesn’t and I can’t fix it. Help!

@SarahHanson - is this person listed on the roster at

What is your Advancement Chair’s BSA member number?

She was in our roster but disappeared and the system won’t allow me to add her back in. Her number is 13340220.

She is not registered as an adult leader. After she is registered, you will be able to add her back again.

does the registration cancel out every year? She was registered as an adult leader. We can’t figure out what happened

@SarahHanson Based on what I can see, she was only registered as a Tiger Adult Partner. However, Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders by the BSA.

Yes, all registrations expire annually. Each adult leader should be reviewed and re-approved by your chartering org as part of the annual recharter process. If not renewed at recharter, the registration expires, whether it is a scouter or a scout. Adults who have never held a registered scouter position must submit an adult application. Your unit Key 3 (Scoutmaster/Cubmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartering Organization Representative) should be able to assist the relevant adult with what paperwork and training needs to be completed.

As @JenniferOlinger noted, only adults registered as scouters (aka adult leaders) may be assigned roles within Scoutbook. This was a comparatively recent update to the way Scoutbook works by the developers such that only those who have received a BSA background check and completed YPT (i.e. registered scouters) have access to the information on Scoutbook for scouts other than their own.

@SarahHanson - thus a lesson learned. A lion or tiger adult is not a registered leader for the unit. In order to be a registered leader an adult application must be filled out. Additionally the recharter process timeline notes a inventory of scouts and leaders.

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Scouting Forms from the National Council

@Stephen_Hornak @JenniferOlinger I checked with our Committee Chair and during the recharter process the parent could not be removed as a Tiger adult partner, since we had no one else to fill that spot. Is there a way for an adult to be both an adult leader and Tiger Adult Partner?


Yes, just have the adult complete an adult application, either on paper, or if your unit and council allows, electronic.

@SarahHanson - that is really not how that works. The lion & tiger adult partner is the adult listed on the youth application. The lion adult moves to tiger adult then off of the list when the tiger moves to wolf. Each of these progressions happens at each 31 December expiration. In order to have brought this adult into the leadership section they would have had to fill out an adult application and using the existing BSA ID (the adult partner one) they would have also been a registered adult leader.

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@SarahHanson Yes. A Lion or Tiger Adult Partner can also be a registered adult leader. They can be registered as @edavignon explained. Or units can add a multiple position for the adult during recharter time (but an application would still be required).

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