Making adjusting entries in troop payment logs

I’m working on reconciling a troop’s payment accounts and have run across youth who had charges for registration fees posted, but never paid and have since left the unit. How can I make an adjusting entry to remove the charge from accounts receivable?

Also, there were payments made by youth who have aged out, but were never recorded. How can I make an adjusting entry for this as well?

Click the incorrect transaction and delete it

Since I like to keep the history and be able to reproduce prior month reports, I add a new transation that cancels the outstanding amount. For example - if there is a Scout Charge for Dues that is outstanding, create a Scout Credit for the same amount and in the description, indicate the reason for the credit.

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That is what we do. Either call it “error correcting transaction” or for scouts who leave “write off - zeroing transaction”.

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