Cannot correct Payment Logs for former pack members

I have been trying to use the Payment Log feature but the receivables number is off. About a month ago we found a bug where the balances for former scouts were not showing when I did a payment log search. I think I can now see the all of the balances for these former scouts but I cannot edit them. Since some of them have non zero balances I need to edit them to clear out their balances to get my payments log financials accurate.

When I click on the scout it returns me to My Dashboard.

Thanks in advance for the help on this.

Can you give me your BSA ID# and the Scout’s first initial and last name of the log that you cannot edit?

My BSA Number is 12627188

Here are some scouts I cannot edit. They were all part of the pack before I even joined I think.

J. Jackson
O. Ortega
S Marshall
Z Bachman


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