Adjusting Payment Log to Reflect Real Bank Balance

Hello, new Unit Treasurer here hoping to help our Troop better utilize the Payments Log. In particular, I am seeking a way to have the Cash Available to actually reflect what we have in our real life bank account. Previous users of the payments log were likely entering in payments and credits inconsistently and as a result, we have a positive balance (in the black) that is exorbitantly more than what we actually have. How can I make a one time adjustment to the cash available in such a way that it will not affect any of the payment logs of the scouts, which are all accurate and up-to-date?

I have read this a time or two and assume it applies to this situation, but I did not want to make such a move until I consulted with the scoutbook experts first: “To easily set it up, you need to enter a one time adjustment transaction to your new Unit Payment Log. Take your real life bank balance, and subtract your reported Total Cash in Scoutbook. If the result is Negative, add a new Charge to the Unit Payment Log for that amount. If your result is Positive, add a new Payment to the Unit Payment Log for that amount.”

So, if the balance shown in scoutbook is significantly more than what we have in our real life bank account, I would be entering in a one time new charge to the unit into the payment log, is that correct? Thank you for your guidance.

Yes, that is correct.

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