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Managing troop finances

Has anyone used scoutbook to manage troop finances and do they have any suggestions for best practices?

Our previous treasurer used trooptrack and was very happy with this. Scoutbook seems to be more manual.
Cheers, onplanners

Scoutbook only allows one to manage a Scout’s finances vs. the overall troop. It works well for us. The Scribe or Scoutmaster takes attendance at each event. The treasurer then uses this to “charge” the Scout’s balance in Scoutbook. When a parent pays off a balance (or even goes positive), this is also recorded in Scoutbook. It works well for that.

I have shown our treasurer some of the more automatic email reports that are possible for balances. She hasn’t yet taken advantage of them yet. We haven’t used the paypal integration yet as so far we are a Square unit. We do embed square links into event reminder emails for those that choose to pay online. We probably have about 10-20% pay online.

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Following as I am trying to do the same. We set up the paypal integration but I can’t get a payment made. The paypal login is an issue.