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March 17, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar
    • An issue that prevented Scouts from appearing in the invitee list for Patrol calendars has been fixed.
  • Den Chief Support
    • An issue that caused the Den Chief invitee type to appear on calendars other than Packs and Dens has been partially fixed. The Den Chief section will be empty for calendars other than Packs and Dens. A future fix will remove this section from these calendars.
    • An issue that caused all Den Chiefs in a pack to be selected when a message was sent to a single den has been fixed. Only Den Chiefs assigned to that den will be selected.
  • Merit Badge Counselors
    • An issue that prevented Merit Badges for a Merit Badge Counselor from being imported into Scoutbook if there was a future expiration date in ScoutNET has been fixed. All Merit Badges affected by this issue have been added to the MBC’s record in Scoutbook.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Details File (Council Admins Only)
    • An issue that caused duplicate entries in the Merit Badge Counselor Details File has been fixed.
  • Venturing Participants (Venturers > 17 years of age)
    Due to side effects that caused more problems, these items have been removed. The developers are working on fixing so these can be re-released as soon as possible.
    • An issue that prevented ranks from being approved for Venturing Participants has been fixed.
    • Multiple issues when a Venturing Participant was also a registered leader in a Troop have been fixed. If you see problems with Venturing Participants who are registered as a leader in a Troop or Pack please post to the Scoutbook Bugs forum.

New Features

  • Cub Scout History Report:
    • The “look and feel” of the Cub Scout History Report has been updated to the current Scoutbook report design standard. The report retains all of its previous functionality.
    • A CSV export has been added to the Cub Scout History Report.
  • Payment Log Report:
    • There is a new Quick Date Range dropdown: All, Today, This Week, This Month, This Year, Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, Most recent charter to date.