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March 31, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • BSA Lifeguard Award
    • An issue that prevented the BSA Lifeguard Award from being marked complete in Scoutbook has been fixed.
  • Print Blue Card
    • An issue that prevented Unit Participants (18 years and older Scouts) from appearing in the Print Blue Card list of Scouts has been fixed.
  • Roster Add Leader
    • An issue that prevented the Roster +Add leader search function from returning adults when searching by name has been fixed. Searching by name may return multiple adults. A search by e-mail address or BSA Member ID will return only a single adult if found.
  • Roster Link
    • An issue that prevented adults with connections to a Scout in a unit from having a unit roster link has been fixed.

New Features

  • Modular Design Preview Adventure
    • Scoutbook supports the new Modular Design preview adventure for 3rd grade Bear, 4th grade Webelos and 5th grade Arrow of Light Scouts. The Modular Design preview adventure is not available for Lions, Tigers or Wolf Scouts. See Modular Design Preview Adventure | Boy Scouts of America for details.
  • Scout Leadership
    • Scoutbook now supports adding future start and end dates for Scout Leadership positions. This capability allows units to enter their new leaders as soon as they are selected, even if their term does not take effect for several weeks. A future end date can only be entered if there is a start date. The end date must be on or after the end date.