October 5, 2022 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Adult Leader Positions
    • Adults can only be listed as leaders in Scoutbook if the BSA Member ID attached to the Scoutbook account is registered with the BSA. An issue that allowed some unregistered adults to be listed as leaders in Scoutbook has been fixed. Any adult that has an unregistered BSA Member ID attached to their Scoutbook account has had any leadership positions in Scoutbook ended.
  • Calendar Reminders
    • An issue that prevented some non-registered adults from receiving certain calendar reminders when their Scout was not invited to the event has been fixed.
  • Delete Account
    • The function to delete a youth Scoutbook account if there is no BSA Member ID attached has been restored to the Edit Extended Information page.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Unit List
    • The Unit List for Merit Badge Counselor visibility previously did not require the B designator for boy troops. Scoutbook has been updated to require either a B or G designator for all Scouts BSA troops in the MBC unit visibility list. For example Troop 1234B or Troop 1234G must be entered.
  • Needs Purchasing Report
    • A Whoops error that occurred when an admin in one unit and leader in other units tries to access the Needs Purchasing Report has been fixed. The Needs Purchasing Report is only available in units where the adult is an admin or unit advancement chair.
  • Purchase Order
    • An issue that caused a Whoops error when removing an item from a Purchase Order has been fixed.

New Features

  • Grand Slam and Triple Crown Awards
    • The requirements for the Grand Slam and Triple Crown Awards are now linked so that updating a requirement for one award will update the corresponding requirement for the other award.