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Unit Advancement Coordinator can't "leader approve" MBs

As Unit Advancement Coordinator, I am on the leader roster but cannot “leader approve” completed MBs any longer. Why was this option removed? I am receiving the completed and leader signed blue cards, so it would make sense that in my assigned role I would be able to approve the merit badges for syncing and purchase.

@MauraHobbs - could you post your BSA ID and when you log into my.scouting.org what does it show as positions and roles ?

BSA 135314222. In Scoutbook, I am designated as a committee member, Key 3 delegate, troop admin and unit advancement chair. In my.scouting.org, I am registered as a committee member and my functional roles are unit advancement chair and key 3 delegate.

@MauraHobbs - I just took a look at one of our scouts by going to the needs approval, clicking on the scout then clicking in the check box for an MBC req and scrolling down to mark as approved and that works. Is this the process you are working ?

I was marking it as complete at the top without checking the boxes for the individual requirements. Before, when I followed this process, it allowed me to leader approve it. I just attempted to check each box for the MBC requirement. I am only getting green checkmarks. There is no option to mark as approved or to even select that the MB has been awarded. This used to be available to me in the completed popup.

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 10.49.38 AM

I reset your Troop Admin role. Try logging out, and then log back in.

I was able to approve it in Scoutbook at the location depicted below but not in the same location I depicted above. Is this the new way? I just checked that it synced in the original location as approved. How do we mark them as awarded to get them off the purchase list?

@MauraHobbs Did you log out of Scoutbook, and then log back in after I reset your Troop Admin role?

Yes. I logged out of everything and logged back in.

This is what I’m seeing now. There is no option to designate that the MB has been awarded where it used to be. Is there a new location?Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 11.37.20 AM

Please try logging out of Scoutbook and any other BSA applications (my.scouting, Internet Advancement, etc.), and then log back in.

I occasionally find that, if I have a glitch with permissions, I have to verify that things work in an incognito/private browsing window. If so, I then clear my cache to get a “regular” browser window to work again.

I logged out of everything again. Cleared my cache. Still no option to mark as awarded. Is there another location to do this?

Update: I found this in an old string. I’m not sure why the option was removed from the Date Merit Badge Completed popup.

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Reports → Needs Awarding,

and select all of the ranks/awards that have been awarded and need to be marked as such. It should capture all of the awards and ranks for all of the scouts at once.

That said, there is no “undo” functionality , so double- and triple-check the list before you Mark Awarded. Be aware that, once something is Approved, it appears on both the Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding reports. Once something is marked as Awarded, it will no longer appear on the Needs Purchasing report and will disappear from any open POs, so make sure you actually have the awards before you mark them awarded.

I’m still seeing the Awarded tickbox when I click through to a completed but-not-yet approved MB for one of my scouts:

and it was still present if I clicked the Leader Approved box, saved, then re-entered the MB.

We just had a CoH, so there aren’t any MBs on the Needs Awarding report. As a result, I can’t verify that pathway also works as expected.

It sounds like it’s some sort of glitch in your permissions somehow.

@MauraHobbs - I see the same thing that @CharleyHamilton sees on the completed window. This points to something within your account/rights

@MauraHobbs I made 2 small changes to your account to see if it solves the issue

For the pre approval of merit badges in scoutbook PRIOR to a scout starting work, can Unit Advancement Chair indicate this approval or is only allowed to be the Scoutmaster (aka Unit Leader)?

Per the Guide to Advancement, a Scout may begin work on a MB at any time after being registered. The Scout may not start working with an MBC until they have a signed Blue Card. This does not have to be done prior to starting work on the MB, only prior to meeting with the MBC.

Anyone with Edit Advancement can set the Initial Leader Signature in Scoutbook, however, this should be limited to the Scoutmaster and anyone designated by the SM to do so.


Once again, having access in Scoutbook doesn’t replace reading the GTA.

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