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Completed before approved dates on merit badges

Dates marking a badge leader approved before it is completed or counselor approved should be prevented.

In merit badges the scoutmaster can mark a merit badge leader approved on a date before the date the counselor marks the badge completed.I understand the dates should be in the following order: i. Initial Conference by scoutmaster, 2. Completed and approved by counselor, 3. leader approved by scoutmaster. This places the correct signatures and dates on the printed blue cards


We need more details. No advancement can be marked approved without being marked complete and Scoutbook does not permit post-dated completions.

SB is functioning correctly - as MBCs will not always use SB to add the date - they might just hand the scout a blue card

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I have a merit badge completed on June 20, 2020. Marked completed on Jul. 28, 2020 and then leader approved on June 20, 2020. This physically cannot happen on a blue card because the blue card would not be handed to the SM for leader approval until after its completed. Scoutbook should prevent the backdating of leader approval as it is unnecessary or not record the date of leader approval as it is not needed on the blue card

I assume the Jul 28 date you mean the MBC marked it MBC approved? the MB was still completed on June 20, even if the MBC drug their feet. The official dates have always been completion dates, not dates when adults got around to entering them.

SB is functioning as the National Advancement Team wants it to in this regard

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I suspect you are looking at the audit log data. A screen shot would be helpful.

Its the leader approved date that is in error. Is it an autofill?

Another example: Merit badge completed Jul. 8, 2020. Marked completed July 28, 2020. Leader approved date July 8, 2020.

If I delete the leader approval, and re approve it, I get todays date. How is the leader approval predating the marked completion date?

I hope the screen pront worked. Look at the badges at the bottom

You are looking at the audit data. What this is saying is Chuck entered the original completion date & approved Personal Fitness on 7/8/20 then on 7/28/20 Chuck click on the overall completion and saved it (clicked SAVE) but did not change the date. Since the approved state did not change, the approval audit data is not updated.

Scoutbook is working as designed.

Okay, so I am having the same problem with E-cards and I just wanted to confirm the date issue. We are to go with the date that the scout completed and not the e-sign from the counselor or the SM. Please let me know if I miss understood the previous conversation.


What are E-cards?

Are you talking about Blue Cards?

There are two different types of dates: the date that something was actually completed, and the date that it was marked “Approved” in Scoutbook (the system entry date). The date it was actually completed should be entered as the date in the box when the counselor and leader are approving it. The system tracks the date that the actual approval occurs in the system so that it can be audited to who did it and when. The system entry date does not have bearing on the date earned.

The electric Blue Cards that they using to get the re-sign and time stamped and I print on blue card stock. See attached

Susie is this the one coming out of the scouting 24/7 (Black Pug)system for the Council exploration camp


Great, thanks… Very Help full

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RonFedele We have individual MBC that are using this style on blue card as well as GGAC Exploration Camp on 7/31/2020 that I just received.
Funny that I also have a question for that group on how they filled out the cards.

Susie send me a direct email I can give you some info on that!

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