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May 26, 2021 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Adult Leaders
    • An issue that allowed former, unregistered adult leaders to return to the unit roster by removing the end date on their leadership position has been fixed. Unregistered leaders will not be able to remove the end date from a previous leadership position. A data cleanup has been performed to end the positions of any adult leaders not currently registered with the BSA. All leaders on a Scoutbook Rooster need to have a BSA # that is in a current registered position in a council.
  • Council Map Us
    • An issue that prevented the Map Us function from working on Council pages in the Directory has been fixed.
  • Reassign Scout button
    • The Reassign Scout(s) button on den and patrol rosters should have been restricted to Unit Admins. Only Unit Admins will only see this button going forward.

New Features

  • Report Builder
    • The Report Builder Report requirement sorting has been optimized for performance and to correct requirement issues.
  • Report Time Zones
    • The Audit Log Report, Activity Log Report, and RSVP Report now display in user’s time zone.