May 31, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Report Builder and Roster Builder Reports
    • An error would occur when a report was named with an invalid system, character such as a “,” and the generated report was sent to pdf or csv. This has been corrected such that report names with invalid system characters are replaced with “_” when exported to pdf or csv. This should prevent the reported errors from occurring.
  • Activity Log Report
    • A new feature with the Activity Log Report allowed it to include current members or previous members for the time frame of the report. A bug allowed previous members to show on the report, even if the activity did not take place in the unit for which the report was being generated. This has been corrected to only show activities for members (current or previous) which took place in the unit generating the report.

New Features

  • Login/BSA Member ID Display
    * For accounts that have a change in BSA Member ID (MID), either because of a Council move, duplicate account that was merged or any other reason, Scoutbook will now display both the current and previous MID on the My Account page.
    • For accounts with a Previous MID where the previous MID is not attached to another active Scoutbook account, if that previous MID is listed as Primary in, Scoutbook will now log in to the account that matches the Previous MID instead of creating a new account. This should help fix an issue where it appeared an account was cleared because the Primary MID was no longer listed in Scoutbook.
      This change has been backed out due to some individuals being logged in to a duplicate account that appeared to be empty.