May 31, 2024 Scoutbook Plus Updates

Note: Starting with today’s change log, New Calendar Changes will be included in the Scoutbook Plus Updates.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar Editor
    • An issue that prevented youth who are assigned the Calendar Editor role under Leadership Positions from adding individuals to the invite list for an event has been fixed.
  • Calendar Invitee Lists
    • An issue that prevented searching the Calendar Invitee Lists for Preferred Name has been fixed. Either the First Name or Preferred Name (nickname) can be used for searching.
  • Duplicate Youth
    • An issue that caused youth to appear multiple times in the “Currently Viewing” drop down for parents has been fixed. There should be a single Parent/Guardian entry for each unit youth are registered in.
  • Event Creation
    • An issue that allowed a new event to be saved without a description has been fixed. Event description is a required field.
  • Permission Slips
    • An issue that prevented leaders from downloading permission slips for an event has been fixed. Leaders will again be able to download permission slips for all youth invited to an event. Parents continue to be able to download permission slips for their invited Scouts.
  • RSVP Report
    • The RSVP Report was incorrectly being displayed for youth members of the unit. The RSVP Report has been removed for youth not able to run the report.
  • Youth Personal Information Access
    • An issue that allowed Den Leaders to see the personal information for Scouts not in their den(s) has been fixed. Den Leaders now only have access to the Personal Information tab on the profile page of Scouts in their den(s).

New Features

  • None

Removed Features

  • Previous/Current/Next Rank Display
    • The Previous/Current/Next Rank Display below the Activity Logs on the right of the Scout’s profile page (circled in red below) has been removed. Use the Rank display in the center of the profile page columns to determine the Scout’s previous/current/next ranks.