November 16, 2023 New Calendar Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Activity Logs
    • An issue that prevented editing the end dates in Activity Log entries has been fixed. Note: An activity that takes place during a calendar event must start and end during the event.
    • An issue that allowed camping days/nights to exceed the number of days/nights based on the start/end dates has been fixed.
  • Cub Scout Program Levels
    • Cub Scout Program Levels are now capitalized.
  • C404 Error
    • An issue that caused a C404 Error when trying to access the Calendar when the user is multiple registered and one or more of the registration is pending has been fixed.
  • Hiking Activities via Calendar
    • An issue that prevented high and low elevations of a hike from saving properly when the hike was added via a Calendar Event has been fixed.
  • Reminders
    • An issue that allowed youth and non-calendar editors to edit reminders has been fixed.
  • Scout’s Events
    • An issue that prevented a parent/guardian from seeing events their Scout is invited to has been fixed.
  • Sub-Units
    • An issue causing sub-units to be duplicated in various calendar lists has been fixed.

New Features

  • Activity Log
    • Only the currently selected month of activities will be read when accessing the Activity Log. This improves performance. Note: Months with events will no longer be distinguished from months without events at the top of the activity calendar.
    • The Location field in Activities associated with calendar events is now a drop-down list the same as in the Activity Log.
  • Den Events
    • When creating a den event, members of the den will be automatically added to the invitee list.
  • Event Invitees
    • Adults in the Invitee dropdown are now grouped by Adult Leader and Parent/Guardian. Note: An adult that is both an Adult Leader and Parent/Guardian will only appear in the Adult Leader list.
    • Options to Select All Leaders and Select All Parents/Guardians has been added.
  • Sub-Unit Events
    • Parents now have access to the calendars of sub-units their children are members of.