May 7, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Activity Log
    • An issue that prevented some parents/guardians from connecting to the new Activity Logs has been fixed. All parents/guardians should now be able to access their Scout’s new Activity Log.
  • Connections
    • An issue that prevented all connection types between a Scout and Leader from displaying has been fixed. If a Leader is also a Merit Badge Counselor for the Scout, the connection type list will include the Merit Badges counseled as well as the privileges for this connection.
  • Counciil Admin Messages to Merit Badge Counselors
    • An issue that prevented Council Admin messages from being sent to all Merit Badge Counselors when selected has been corrected.
  • Manage Merit Badge Counselors
    • Instructions
      • The text on the Council Admin’s Manage Merit Badge Counselor page has been updated to provide better instructions.
    • Merit Badge Counselor Upload Errors
      • Several issues that caused some Merit Badge Counselors to not be added to the list or to not contain the correct Merit Badge list after upload have been fixed.
    • Notification E-Mails
      • An issue that caused some notification e-mails sent when the Council Admin updates the Merit Badge Counselor list to be treated as spam has been fixed. The from e-mail will now be The reply-to: address is set to the person who processed the Merit Badge Counselor list.

New Features

  • Council Users List
    • The Council Admin reports of Council Users now have a Parents and Scouts report that includes Other Family Members. The counts at the top of the page have been updated to include an entry for the number of Parents/Guardians and Other Family Members connected to Scouts in the Council.
  • Multi-Registered Scouts Default Unit
    • A feature to allow users to indicate the default unit in Scoutbook for multi-registered Scouts has been added. To select the default unit, go to the Scout’s membership page, click on the unit you wish to be the default and set the Default slider. The default unit is stored in a browser cookie so that leaders of each unit the Scout is in can select their own unit as default. This means leaders who use multiple computers will need to setup the default in each browser separately.
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