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March 5, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Council Admin Send Message
    • An issue showing the wrong Districts and counts on the Council Admin’s Send Message screens has been fixed.
  • Export/Backup
    • An issue that caused Sea Scout advancement to be missing from the Advancement Export/Backup file has been fixed. All youth advancement is contained in the Advancement Export/Backup file.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Connections
    • An issue that allowed any Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) to be connected to a Scout to council any Merit Badge (MB) has been fixed. When connecting a MBC to a Scout, only MBs that are attached to the Scout’s profile and the MBC counsels will be displayed as options.
  • User Matching
    • The algorithm used to search for existing users before creating a new Scoutbook user account has been improved to reduce the number of duplicate accounts created.
  • Youth Leadership
    • An issue that prevented youth leadership positions from being displayed after a Scout earned Eagle, Summit or Quartermaster has been fixed. These leadership positions will now be properly displayed on the Scout’s Leadership page.

New Features

  • None