MB's and Rank getting marked "Leader Approved" when not

So this morning I entered all the MB’s and rank requirements into scoutbook that our scouts earned at summer camp. I did this using the quick entry method and everything seemed to have gone fine. I then checked in my “Need to purchase” report and found that there were more MB’s in there there than should have been. Going over them one-by-one I found that scoutbook showed me as marking complete and leader approved 4 merit badges that I never did. Two of them were for a scout who I did enter new merit badges in for this morning but the other I entered nothing in for what-so-ever. I was able to un-mark all four of them as leader approved but they still all show me as having marked them complete. Further looking showed that I was also listed as having marked 2 ranks as complete and leader approved. Both were for scouts that I put MB’s in for but no rank requirements. Again I was able to un-mark them as leader approved but they both still show me as having marked them completed.

It might help SUAC with error checking if you can provide the BSA IDs (no names required ) for the scouts involved, and which merit badges were intentionally entered and which merit badges (and ranks) appeared unintentionally.

Usually, the unintended appearance of Leader Approval on an item is the result of unintentionally ticking the Leader Approve box in the quick entry interface. However, I’m not sure how that could result in unintended Leader Approval of ranks when doing quick entry for merit badges. Maybe a deeper dive could help clarify things? I’m assuming you didn’t do any other approval of items that had been entered by others? I’ve unintentionally Leader Approved stuff that way before.

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