Wrong Name on Approvals

I am the Advancement Chair for my Troop and also Troop Admin on SB. I just recently approved a bunch of MBs and it’s showing our Committee Chair as doing the approvals and not me. Why is that?

Are you sure the Chair did not approve them - that is the most likely answer

Let’s see if I can explain this. I had a bunch of MBs from summer camp that showed on the Needs Approval Report. I approved them on Sunday, August 6th. Here’s the other thing, all of these MBs show Marked Completed on Jul. 5, 2022 and Marked Approved on Jun. 24, 2022 by the Committee Chair. Didn’t think they could be approved until completed. I also know that none of these were entered until June 30.

The Audit system is pretty solid and good. What is a BSA # of a Scout and a merit badge?

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BSA ID 134986364

Chess MB

I think the first step is to ask BR if they marked it approved - cause it seems so? Was that person at the camp as adult?

Just talked to BR. He was not at summer camp and he has not been on SB since before camp. So not sure what happened. Must have been a glitch in the matrix.

OK that is good data thanks

well his last log in was 7/5/22 which lines up with mark complete date audit

I can check with developers but not sure they will see anything

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After talking with BR, he may have done something he wasn’t aware of. But that doesn’t explain how they showed up on my Needs Approval Report. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to let someone know. Thanks for your help.

A Weird Cache issue is all I could think on that

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